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Teachers are and have always been the most valued and respected members of society. Truly impactful teaching requires great inner work, along with subject skills, thus making teaching not just a job but a way of life..

If you are deeply interested and passionate about education, especially about the schooling years of children and if you feel there is a definite need to re-look, re-think, re-imagine and re-vision, then we at Swadhaa provide a platform for you to engage substantially in bringing forth a meaningful learning environment for children.

We encourage you to get in touch with us, if you are a passionate storyteller, a stand-up comedian, an ardent sportsperson, an avid dancer, a bird watching enthusiast, a creative homemaker, a needle wonder, a poet at heart, a cooking aficionado, a science buff, a naturalist, a hands-on experimenter, a puppeteer, an animation addict, an amateur instrumentalist or vocalist, a ‘wood-pecker’ (carpenter), an administrative wiz, a green goblin (gardener), a cleaning enthusiast!

Study groups, trainings on various subjects, study of what it means to be human through Yoga, meditation, reading and understanding ancient wisdom of Indian seers and work of Dr. Rudolf Steiner form the basis of inner work for Swadhaa teachers.

At Swadhaa, life as a teacher has depth and devotion, is demanding and exhilarating, is full of schedules and plans yet spontaneous and dynamic! All of this, for creating generations who will choose to live life with depth and profoundness.

If this is what you are looking for,

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