ऋग् यजुः सामवेदेभ्यो वेदात् च अथर्वः क्रमात् ।।

पाठ्यं च अभिनय गीतं रसान् संगृह्य पद्मजः ।

व्यरीरचत् शास्त्रं इदं धर्म काम अर्थ मोक्षदं।।

कीर्ति प्रागल्भ्य सौभाग्य वैदग्ध्यानां प्रवर्धनं ।

औदार्य स्थैर्य धैर्याणां विलासस्य च कारणं ।।

Taking text and composition from Rgved, art of acting from Yajurved, music from Samved and Rasa from Atharvaved, Bramha created this science of theatre, which gives its practitioners all the four siddhis, namely dharma, artha, kaama and moksha. It helps the practitioners enhance their fame, wisdom, fortune and intelligence. It instills the values of generosity, equanimity and courage in practitioners and yet entertains them.

At Swadhaa, children engage with a number of artistic activities like singing, instrumental music, drama, movement, painting, drawing, poetry, etc. Dasharoopak is our year end presentation where children present glimpses of the year gone by through music, drama, games etc. It gives them the opportunity to share what they've learned, with their parents. The preparation for the event inculcates important values of teamwork, courage, timing and precision, appreciation for each other, to name a few.