Lathika Mohandas ~ Academic Head

“A passionate educationist who comes with a rich experience of over four decades from various schools across Pune and heading many of them for over two decades. She believes that our children are our future and for the future to be bright, the quality of education we provide is important. 

As the Academic Head at Swadhaa, she brings her vast experience of team building and running educational institutions effectively.


  • Sujata Bhujbal, Kindergarten Coordinator and Aboli Kindergarten Teacher
  • Bhavana Samaddar, Prajkta Kindergarten Teacher
  • Yogita Ubhe, Nishigandh Kindergarten Teacher
  • Amolika Ghadge, Nishigandh Kindergarten Teacher
  • Shubhangi Kohadkar, Madhumalati Kindergarten Teacher

Sujata Bhujbal

Sujata Bhujbal obtained a B.C.S from Pune University.

She is a lively kindergarten teacher and loves reading, knitting, quilling and singing. She really likes the early childhood philosophy of Waldorf education, specially nurturing the child’s senses. She lives her own childhood with the little kindergartners. She is also responsible for overseeing the operations of Swadhaa Kindergarten.

She has done Waldorf Kindergarten teacher training course from Rainbow bridge , Navi Mumbai and has been participating in National Kindergarten Conferences by SADHANA, Indian Waldorf Kindergarten association by IASWECE. 

Bhavana Samaddar

Bhavana was meant to be a teacher always, Bhavana loves to teach and has never waited for an opportunity to knock, to follow her passion – but converted each possible moment into an opportunity to spread education and knowledge to whoever needed it.

The Waldorf spirit of allowing children to blossom at their own pace matches her own philosophy . “Early learning always fascinated me. There is so much to learn from these little ones and incorporate into your lives! It slows us down, enriches us and opens up more ways to look at life!” she chimes through the chirps of her little class kids tugging at her to be back in class for some story-time.

She has done Waldorf Kindergarten teacher training course from Rainbow bridge, Navi Mumbai and has been participating in National Kindergarten Conferences by SADHANA, Indian Waldorf Kindergarten association by IASWECE.

Yogita Ubhe

While some surrender to fate, Yogita decided to write her own destiny – and when you want something with all your heart, the whole universe conspires to bring it to you! Swadhaa happened to Yogita when a parent saw that spark in her and brought her to the school … from where she has never looked back!

Working on any and everything that came her way, Yogita worked her way up through hard-work, observations, determination and a strong will to learn and is today a kindergarten teacher!
“I don’t like to see kids begging on the streets and someday I will give them a taste of education, of learning” she says with hope in her eyes. She calls Swadhaa her ‘new life’ and the children her family. She loves knitting and going for nature-walks with the children.

She has been participating in National Kindergarten Conferences by SADHANA, Indian Waldorf Kindergarten association by IASWECE.

Amolika Ghadge

Amolika was introduced to Waldorf Education in 2015, when she joined Swadhaa as Admin assistant. She was inspired by the working of the founders and under their encouragement started to deepen her understanding of children and education. She never missed an opportunity of participating in any Waldorf training. Gradually she focused on the early childhood years and now is a Kindergarten class teacher. She likes to work with parents and support them in their journey as new parents. Amolika feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside the Waldorf Early Childhood teachers at Swadhaa and holds them all close to her heart. Her daughter studies in the highest class at Swadhaa.

She has been participating in National Kindergarten Conferences by SADHANA, Indian Waldorf Kindergarten association by IASWECE.

Shubhangi Kohadkar


Shubhangi completed her Masters in Scientific Computing from the University of Pune. Her desire to give back to her Alma Mater inspired her to teach Computing at the University to postgraduate students. In the USA, she was exposed to a very different approach to teaching and learning. At Swadhaa, she feels the same broader perspective of teaching and wishes to create a difference in children in early childhood.

Grades 1st – 6th

  • Snehal Indulkar – Middle school coordinator
  • Disha Deshmukh, Grade 2 Teacher
  • Tejaswee Dindorkar, Grade 2 Teacher
  • Neha Deshmukh, Grade 3 Teacher
  • Krishna Shah, Grade 4 Teacher
  • Sancharika Banerjee, Grade 5 Teacher
  • Sharddha Savekar, Grade 5 Teacher
  • Krupa Kariya, Grade 6 Teacher

Snehal Indulkar

Having completed one full cycle of taking her class from Grade 1 to middle school, Snehal now shoulders the responsibility of guiding the teachers of middle school. She is our Middle school coordinator.

Although she studied Commerce at Pune University, she have always been more inclined towards the Arts. She has been dancing with Shiamak Davar’s dance academy for many years. Along with her Bachelors she has also earned a Diploma in Yoga and Ayurveda.

Snehal has always been fascinated with Angels and the power of Miracles and believes that it was her child who brought her to Waldorf. Moving forward she is interested in learning more about wet-on-wet painting as a therapy and its application for various diseases.

She loves dance, chalkboard drawings, Ayurvedic remedies, farming, painting and spirituality.

Disha Deshmukh

Disha is a computer graduate by Education and an Early Childhood Educator. She has 8 years of experience. As a teacher, she believes that she has a will and wish to find happiness in every subject in education and impart it to every child in his/her golden days of childhood. Having a deep inclination towards Arts and Music, she feels fortunate to be a part of Swadhaa where art is integrated in every subject.

Tejaswee Dindorkar

Tejaswee is an Industrial Engineering graduate with eight and half years of experience in Software Testing. She always wanted to become a teacher and to pursue her passion, she left her job and joined Swadhaa. She likes to dance, though not a professionally trained dancer. As a new teacher she feels the positivity and happiness we receive from children, motivates us to learn and grow.

Neha Deshmukh

Neha was born and raised in a musical and contemporary family. Her dad is her ideal. Neha is a skilled and enthusiastic person. She is genuinely passionate about languages which inspired her to pursue a degree in French. She is a freelance French translator and interpreter. She loves to explore and learn different subjects and also has a diploma in tourism.
Neha discovered herself while working in wine tourism for around two years. She had been working with a renowned kindergarten school as a senior educator and an administrator for eight years ever since she graduated from Symbiosis university with another bachelor degree in computer science. She looked deeply within her being and then into the world which led her to Swadhaa Waldorf School. Here she works to give children the gift of education that will nourish their whole life. She aims to provide the children, through her teaching, the tools that can awaken within their being, the already existing, awareness for wider sense perception and togetherness with their surroundings.

Krishna Shah

Krishna has done her bachelor's in Homeopathic medicine and holds a post graduate diploma in Emergency Medical services. She has also done her BSN program from Illinois State University. She has worked in Critical Care units in Hospitals.

Her journey in Waldorf began with the birth of her son in 2012.  In 2014, she pursued a one year Waldorf teacher training program in Bangalore.
She has volunteered as a parent in Waldorf school of Princeton, NJ.

She joined Swadhaa in 2017. She loved being a Kindergarten teacher. She is now in wonder with Grade children. She also teaches Biology to the High school children.

Sancharika Banerjee

Sancharika started her professional life in the IT/ITES field in operations and then moved into training. After more than 10 years in this field, she decided to take a break from the corporate world. With a vision of moving deeper into the teaching / training world, she pursued her B. Ed. degree and started her own training firm (with other partners) named Lyceum Academia. Her specialisation is English language communication and preparing for English language competency exams like the IELTS.

Sancharika joined Swadhaa in 2018, following her son who joined Grade 2 in 2017.  She has been the class teacher for the Malhaar class in their journey right from Grade 1. She also takes English for the higher grades – working towards preparing them for their IGCSE exams . She manages Kalaakriti, the Swadhaa shop. She has attended multiple training and workshops (both local and international) on the curriculum and consciousness of the Waldorf Grade School. A beautiful voice and a powerhouse singer, Sancharika also brings beautiful Waldorf songs and Rabindra Sangeet to the teachers and children at Swadhaa.

Her hobbies include reading, singing and travelling.

Shraddha Savekar

Shraddha is a grade class teacher at Swadhaa. She completed her graduation in commerce and did Masters in Computer Management from Pune University.
Although she worked in IT-Software Development for more than 10 years, she had always been more inclined towards working with children. After working on 'Phases of Software Life Cycle', she found “Phases Of Child Development" more important, interesting and meaningful. She joined Swadhaa in 2019.

Krupa Kariya

Krupa is a post-graduate in Math and has four years of experience teaching in Engineering colleges. She also studied Fashion Design and Clothing Construction and runs a sustainable fashion line for women, called EnVez. She took Waldorf Kindergarten teacher training from Bangalore and during her stay in the USA, also worked as an assistant to the Grade teacher at the Waldorf school of San Diego, California.

Grades 7th – 10th

  • Namrata Damame High school Coordinator
  • Vandana Talekar, Grade 8 Teacher
  • Devesh Pandey, Grade 9 Teacher
  • Sandeep Kamble, Mathematics Teacher for Higher Grades

Namrata Paprunia

A caring and sensitive person, Namrata has been nurturing Swadhaa since 2014. An engineer and a business graduate by qualification and a 'Solution Seeker' by heart, she has been the backbone of the organisation and has donned multiple caps as and when needed, proving her metal in each role. Be it organising events and teacher trainings, coordinating admissions, creating processes for operations or creating proposals for the school, Namrata brings in many fresh ideas towards various aspects of life of Swadhaa.

After being an admissions coordinator for 3 years and administrative head for a year, She is currently handling a portfolio of High school coordinator, handling activities of Grade 7 through 10.

Vandana Talekar

Vandana is a passionate science teacher with experience of two decades of teaching high school students from Grade 9 to 12. Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Sciences are her forte. She is also an active social worker and has served as a grandmaster of NGC (National Green Corps) for the Maval taluka of Pune district, affiliated with the social forestry department.

Devesh Pandey

Coming from a rustic village background and with no exposure to organised sports, Devesh brings unchained energy and vigour to Swadhaa as the enthusiastic Class teacher and a Games teacher for the children. He wears multiple hats and yet seamlessly moves from one role to another throughout the day. Fitness is as important to children as studies – if not more, he says. 

Wanting to incorporate the importance of fitness, he thinks that the best way is to make it fun and play instead of rigorous structured exercise. He brings the same openness yet rigour to his lessons in Physics, ICT and Maths

“With no fixed methods of teaching here, I feel it matches my upbringing – the same kind of unboxed childhood that we had back in the village – here I feel I can give so much to these children” says the sports buff as he runs back to a game of frog with the kids.

Sandeep Kamble

Sandeep has worked with various organisations bringing Maths to children for over 9 years.

He feels that at Swadhaa learning is not only by head but also by heart, by feeling which completes the actual education of the students. This is why he chose to be part of the Swadhaa team.

Language Team

  • Sneha Kokate, Language Teacher and Coordinator
  • Sushila Singh, Hindi Teacher
  • Rahul Shinde, Marathi Teacher
  • Sandeep Rawat, Hindi Teacher
  • Indrani Banerjee, English Language and Literature Teacher

Sneha Kokate

Sneha has eternal love for children and books and regional languages. Her special ability to create songs and stories in Marathi for kindergarten children, inspired her to look at languages as nourishment for the children’s soul. Since 2020 Sneha has taken up the role of Language teacher for early grades and is also coordinating the language team across all classes in Swadhaa.

She has done Waldorf Kindergarten teacher training course from Rainbow bridge, Navi Mumbai and has been participating in National Kindergarten Conferences by SADHANA, Indian Waldorf Kindergarten association by IASWECE.

Sushila Singh

Sushila has been working as a Hindi teacher for Lower Grades Since Sep 2019. She is passionate about the Hindi language. This motivated her to join Swadhaa and impart her knowledge to  children. She enjoys the teaching mythology, the stories and poems and great writers in Hindi and their work in the field of Education. 

Along with her subject, she also enjoys teaching children Handwork and has been involved with them in Swadhaa. This  school philosophy has inspired her to pursue her passion for Hindi. She feels that various training at Swadhaa has helped her see a positive progress in herself which is enriching.

Rahul Shinde

Rahul is a Marathi teacher in Swadhaa. He has completed graduation in Engineering and worked in the information technology field for 4.8 years. Moreover his interest in Marathi language made him complete M.A in Marathi literature, and while pursuing M.A ,he came to know about Swadhaa. 

The philosophy of school and spiritual background knowing the overall need of a child, drew him here. He cherishes the liberty of working as a language teacher here, where he gets the opportunity to implement creative methodologies in the lesson. He also attributes his personal growth to the training that he receives in Steiner’s philosophy, here at Swadhaa.

Sandeep Rawat

Sandeep has a Masters’ degree in Linguistics from Banaras Hindu University and B.Sc in Physics, Chemistry, Math from DSB campus Nainital. He is an independent researcher, interested in the multidisciplinary nature of Sciences. He loves to approach sciences poetically and arts, scientifically. Nature's silent beauty is his inspiration.

Indrani Banerjee

Indrani is a forever student of literature. She completed her post-graduation in Comparative World Literature from Jadavpur University and finished one year dissertation program in Bengali and Latin American literatures. Being an ardent reader and lover of aesthetics, she has been keen on developing different modules of studying literature apart from the main stream ways of analyzing and interpreting literary texts. 

She is currently pursuing psychology and her vision is to merge these two fields and convert literature into enjoyable tools for children, adolescents and young adults through which they can understand important aspects of their own psyche. She has been with Swadhaa Waldorf School since November, 2020 as a language teacher for English. She is also an eager practitioner of yoga.

Specialty Teachers

  • Indira Kosta, Handwork Teacher
  • Rekha Marne, Handwork Teacher 
  • Minal Pawar, History Teacher
  • Pravda Nair, Special Educator
  • Chandan Das, Art and Sculpting Teacher
  • Mrudula Jadhav, Music Teacher
  • Nikhil Paranjpe, Woodwork Teacher
  • Vinayak Walankar, Sanskrit Teacher
  • Delkush Bhatia, Singing Teacher
  • Pankaj Shinde, Malkhamb Teacher

Indira Kosta

Beloved Naniji for the entire Swadhaa community, she has been the pillar of Swadhaa since its inception. The most senior member of Swadhaa, she has stepped into multiple roles as and when and where the need arose. Now She creates magic in our Handwork section. Naniji keeps updating her skills by undergoing numerous international trainings for Handwork, bringing in lots of new ideas to engage the childrens’ and teachers’ head, heart and hands.

Rekha Marne

Rekha, a thoughtful and creative person, she is always busy with her hands creating beautifully crocheted items for children to see and for the Swadhaa Shop – ‘Kalakriti’. She undergoes international Waldorf Handwork training to deepen her understanding of the philosophy and to bring many new ideas for children to create. She is beloved by all children as they work under her guidance and create beautiful handcrafts.

Minal Pawar

Minal joined Swadhaa as a parent and then as a language teacher in 2014. She then took a break of a few years as a teacher and continued to be a parent. Minal has now rejoined Swadhaa as a History teacher. For the last two years she has been part of Swadhaa’s History team, where a constant study of Indic history continues, and for that she is taking help from Historians, going through training and attending various workshops. 

She has done M.A in Sanskrit, and was working as a research assistant in Sanskriti Peetham in Somaiya college. She has also worked in a media company called ‘Aatman innovations’ in Mumbai as an in-house translator. Being a language enthusiast, she also works as a freelance translator, and has translated around 10-12 books in Marathi so far. Her latest one was the translation of Dr. Steiner’s lecture called ‘Education of the Child’ into Marathi. She also dabbles in subtitling for movies, documentaries and is a voice-over artist.

Other than this, she likes reading and being involved in cultural activities with children.
Having stayed in Germany for a few years, she came across the Waldorf schools and after relocating to Pune was in search of a Waldorf school for her daughter. The search brought her to Swadhaa.  

She has been with Swadhaa for eight years now. Her daughter is a Swadhaa student, and when she joined, she was one of the three children in grade one, and it has been a wonderful journey with Swadhaa since then!

Pravda Nair

Pravda has worked for more than 15 years in corporate. Though she enjoyed her work, she always felt a calling for her first love which was Special Education. Pravda intended to work with children and support them in their learning. She now works at Swadhaa as a Special educator and helps those children who need support to overcome their challenges. The focus on overall development with a focus on balancing mind, body and spirit attracted her to Swadhaa.

Pravda is,
PG in Industrial Psychology
PG in Clinical psychology
Diplôme de la langue française from Alliance Française
Skill development in Special education

Chandan Das

Chandan is from West Bengal. He graduated from Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati University in 2018 with a BFA degree specialising in Sculpting and has completed his Master's degree (MFA) in Sculpture from S.N School of Arts and Communication, University of Hyderabad in 2021.

His interest in pedagogy and in the profession of teaching has led him to seek an institution where he can grow as a teacher. He feels delighted to be among the faculty members of Swadhaa and looks forward to the experiences ahead.

Mrudula Jadhav

M.A Music, M.Phil Music and a Visharad (classical vocal and harmonium), Mrudula is also a Certified music therapist. She has a rich experience of teaching Music for 10 yrs.

Apart from being the Music teacher at Swadhaa, Mrudula also runs her own music academy named 'RAAG DARPAN MUSIC ACADEMY'.

Her goal is to spread classical music for children through which they can understand our classical and traditional music culture which also balances the child's mind and soul essential for their healthy development.

Delkhush Bhatia

Vinayak Welankar

Pankaj Shinde

Nikhil Pranjape


  • Nandini Mehetre, Administrator
  • Sushma Godage, Accounts
  • Ashwini Mankar, Recruitments
  • Bhagyalakshmi Raman, Personal Secretary to the Founders
  • Pushpa Mani, Administrator for Bavdhan Centre
  • Monika Nimhan, Office assistant, Library and Inventory management.

Nandini Mehetre

Nandini is the first person you will be greeted by, each morning, on any normal day at the school! Now her second home, Swadhaa was the final station on her quest for meaningful, unhurried and pressure-free learning for her child.
Understanding and incorporating the importance of rhythms, routines and a tension-free lifestyle for her entire family, she left the corporate world and joined Swadhaa as our very able admin and a bridge between the staff and our ever-expanding community.“This place feels like home – and who would ever want to leave one’s home? She says, expertly balancing paperwork, phone calls, parent-queries and curious heads walking in through the doors of this little paradise.

Sushma Godage

Sushma is a BA in Hindi from Mumbai University. She has done her post-graduation in Library sciences from Pune University. She has a previous experience of working as a commercial staff on Pune airport and administrator with a company in real estate.

She handles accounts and manages library in Swadhaa.

She likes cooking, playing outdoor sports and reading.

Pushpa Mani

Pushpa has overall experience of 12 years in teaching field and 5 years in the administrative sector. After working for 12 years as a teacher in various schools, Pushpa wanted to try her hands on something different. Her need to learn and recognise the process of growing and  development of  children led her to Waldorf approach towards education. Eventually, she came across Swadhaa which follows the same principles  and got inspired all the more to join this institution.
She is now the centre administrator for Bavdhan centre. Her rich experience of teaching in reputed schools now helps her support and create a loving space for little children at Bavdhan.

Bhagyalakshmi Raman

Bhagyalakshmi, the face of Swadhaa, is a rock solid support to the founders. A caring and loving individual bursting with energy, Bhagya as she is loving known in Swadhaa, will always find a solution for any questions. She is in charge of scheduling the founders's calendar and ensure a well planned day for Ms. Shefali and Mr. Shyam.

Monika Nimhan

Monika, loving known as Mona tai, is the heart of Swadhaa team. She is incharge of supporting all teachers with the right material for their classes. She also is in charge of Teachers' resource library. She began the practise of creating a synopsis of every book added new to the library and circulating it to all members of Swadhaa.