Admissions Process


To receive the details about the Open House, please fill the form below:

The academic session in Swadhaa is from June to April. Admissions for the new academic year start in November of the preceding year. Admissions are done on a first come first served – until all seats are taken. Currently, admissions are open for Kindergarten and Grade II to VI

Age Criteria:

– For applying in Kindergarten, the child must be 3 years complete as on 1st March.

– For applying in Grade I, the child must be 6 years complete as on 1st March. (no prior schooling experience is essential for grade I. If any, the details to be enclosed).

– For applying in Grade II, the child must be 7 years complete as on 1st March.

– For applying in Grade III, the child must be 8 years complete as on 1st March.

– For applying in Grade IV, the child must be 9 years complete as on 1st March.

– For applying in Grade V, the child must be 10 years complete as on 1st March.

– For applying in Grade VI, the child must be 11 years complete as on 1st March.

Our Admission Process

The admission process is an opportunity for the prospective family and Swadhaa to share information and get to know one another better. We warmly invite and welcome parents who wish to join us.

Choosing a school is an important decision for the parent and the child. We encourage you, as parents, to find out as much, about our education philosophy and beliefs, as possible so that an informed decision can be made. A thorough reading of the website will be a good place to start. Once you have determined that Swadhaa is the kind of learning space where you would want your child to be, kindly follow the process further.

Step 1: Open House

Our Open House is a day to understand Swadhaa as a learning space for a child. This is a fundamental first step in the admission process and we encourage you to take cognizance of it to ensure a good fit between your expectations of education for your child and the school’s ideals. It is important that both parents attend this orientation.

Step 2: Child Observation

After you attend the orientation, if you decide to seek admission, apply for child observation by filling –

  1. The Application for child observation
  2. Parent questionnaire: The School is trinity of children, their parents and school team members. It is the synergy between the school community and parent’s community which builds a healthy learning environment for children. It is thus important for us that there is harmony in the school and home environment. A parent questionnaire that is part of the application for observation helps us better understand your views. Your answers are important for us as, it will help us understand if what we stand for and offer and what you are looking for is in the same direction.

On receiving the completed application, the child would be invited for observation, depending on the class admission is being sought for

  • Kindergarten child will be invited for a minimum of 1 to 2 days (2 hrs each) to be a part of free play where she/he would enjoy age-appropriate activities.
  • Grade child will be invited for a minimum of 1 to 2 days to interact with the teacher.

Step 3: Meeting with Admission Panel

After the observation, Swadhaa will intimate you of the date & time for a meeting with the Admission panel. It is important that both parents should be present for the meeting. Each application is reviewed carefully by the management and offering admission is at the discretion of the Centre.

A Letter of Confirmation/Non-confirmation/Waitlisted of admission will be intimated via email within 7 working days, confirming the class the child will be admitted to.

Step 4: Acceptance

On acceptance of the offer of admission, the admission formalities must be completed within 10 working days from when the offer is made.

Documents required during admission:

  • 2 photographs
  • Birth Certificate
  • Norms and Swadhaa’s working philosophy (to be signed)
  • Paying of Admission fees and a refundable deposit
  • Any additional document if any.