School away from school: Shaktiyogashrama Gurukulam

School away from school: Shaktiyogashrama Gurukulam

Cultural rootedness is one of main values of education that Swadhaa considers to be important. Only that which is firmly rooted can grow, spread and be inclusive. Unless we are culturally rooted we cannot be true global citizens.

Fifth Grade onwards children at Swadhaa attend the programme at Shaktiyogashrama Gurukulam, located near Telbaila village 30kms ahead of Lonavala. It includes a gentle exposure to Indian arts, Indian culture & life styles. It is an introduction to the outdoors, to nature & rural life in a fun way. The ashram-gurukul gives them an experience of nature and a sense of divinity, while also giving a taste of community living that is missing in nuclear urban families.

Why This Program

  • To become comfortable outdoors in nature.
  • To shed a certain laziness that urban lifestyles induces.
  • For an experience of living without gadgets.
  • For an early exposure to alternative lifestyles
  • For an understanding that life can be lived simply.
  • For developing both thinking & practical skills.
  • A respect for indigenous people, their art forms & traditions.

Life at the ashram includes:

Yoga & Meditation, Environmental Treks, Invoking the Divine, Interactive Dialogues

Understanding Indian Arts, Connecting with Nature, Performing Arts & Crafts

Holistic Living (food, nature, philosophy), Invoking Nature / Nature Poems