Swadhaa - A Steiner School


Swadhaa, meaning one’s own nature or spontaneity, is envisioned to be a place, where each child blossoms at her own natural pace and fulfills her unique destiny.

Inspired by this vision Swadhaa Waldorf Learning Centre started in the year 2012 under Punarnavaha Open Learning Space Trust.

The thought that makes Swadhaa what it is at its core is that when we learn with deep engagement of heart and not just the head, it makes the world of knowledge more colourful and enjoyable.

In Dr. Rudolf Steiner’s educational work we saw a beautiful everyday way to carry forward that which we hold close in our ideals and imagination. Thus, Swadhaa donned the mantle of a Waldorf Learning Centre.

In keeping with the need of the hour - Swadhaa strives to be a space that trains children with skills and information and also rears individuals with warm, vast and deep hearts.

Swadhaa started with a Kindergarten in the year 2012 and then continued to add a grade every year. This year coming upto VIth Grade, Swadhaa will thus grow to Xth Grade.