Teacher Community

For each sensitive educator learning is a journey that is joyful, stress free and that engages the mutual learners (the student and the teacher) wholly in its steady evolution.

We are therefore inspired to have a space where learning is fun, engaging, seeking, co-operative, mutually inspiring, and all pervasive; where responsibility, discipline, earning a livelihood, excellence, compassion and relationship, all come together as one movement and not as fragmented parts to be strung together; where education is not riddled with fear but is an explorative process of discovery – of the self and all else.

We are inspired to have a methodology whereby learning is no longer an externally aided process but the product of an internal motivation that permeates our life at all times and is stimulated by all things in our environment. It is by virtue of this ideal of approach that we feel education is joyful, not just because of the end but the process as well.

Thus inspired, we were lead to an honest enquiry on the path of education and the deeper concepts of teaching and learning.

The educational system in ancient India, the system that great sages used in their ashrams, was such that met the demand both of the intellect and the soul. It would probably not be plausible for modern education to renew the ancient system of Ashrams, but in Rudolf Steiner’s educational system we found both the scientific outlook of a modern school and the soul of an Ashram – a place where the child can find real development of his body, soul and spirit towards the freedom of his own individuality.


Sujata Bhujbal

Prajakta Kindergarten Teacher

Not only does she relives her childhood with each kindergarten kid, Sujata feels that this way she can step in the shoes of each child and understand him better – nurture him better! A calm and composed person by nature, coming to Swadhaa made her more restful and at peace with everything around her.

“I am now living each moment to the fullest and learning to channelize my energy to the right places. Chaos makes more chaos – if you are calm within, you will see it reflect around you too!” says Sujata who is naturally inclined to spirituality and brings stability and balance to Swadhaa

A true follower of the Waldorf philosophy of early childhood learning, Sujata is a wonderful educator who, besides her Swadhaa children, also loves reading, knitting, quilling, singing and going on nature-walks with them!

Qualification – B.C.S

Sneha Kokate

Aboli Kindergarten Teacher

Sneha Kokate is a kindergarten teacher. She has done her Bachelors of Engineering.

Amruta Ghanekar

Madhumalati Kindergarten Teacher

Amolika Ghadge

Nishigandh Kindergarten Teacher

Amolika studied to be a software programmer from Pune University. Her search for an organization which is committed to bringing more holistic education has brought her to Swadhaa. She started with the administrative duties and now is the coordinator at Swadhaa.

She is very passionate about her work and is a point of contact for the Swadhaa community. Amolika also participates in early childhood Waldorf trainings and national as well as international Waldorf conferences. She aims to become a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher.( would rather say she aims to enrich, depeen and contribute to early childhood understanding and strengthen the Waldorf Kindergarten) She likes to crochet and is always working on little projects. Amolika also likes to read Classics and Fictions.

Bhavika Javeri

Prajakta Kindergarten Teacher

Yogita Ubhe

Madhumalati Kindergarten Teacher

Bhavana Samaddar

Aboli Kindergarten Teacher

Meant to be a teacher always, Bhawana loves to teach and has never waited for an opportunity to knock, to follow her passion – but converted each possible moment into an opportunity to spread education and knowledge to whoever that needed it.

The Waldorf spirit matches her own ‘live without rules’ philosophy as she happily takes the reins of a kindergarten class in her hands.

“Early learning always fascinated me. There is so much to learn from these little ones and incorporate into your lives! It slows us down, enriches us and opens up more ways to look at life!” she chimes through the chirps of her little class kids tugging at her to be back in class for some story-time.

Qualifications – Interior Designer, PG (Banking and Finance)

Sonali Mukadam

Day care coordinator


Shravanti Kandanvali

Grade 1 Teacher

Dipti Shevalkar

Grade 1 Teacher

Wanting to give her home-schooled daughter an environment among like-minded teachers and students, Dipti came to the doorsteps of Swadhaa and is part of the family today – not only as a parent, but also a teacher!

An ever-smiling lady, who loves to teach, Dipti believes that a teacher needs to understand the pace and interests of each of her student. “Education doesn’t happen only through books you know. It happens through talking, walking, stories, doing chores, singing and just going about life with interest, enthusiasm and curiosity – and yes, lots of patience!” she smiles, content at being a part of an ecosystem that echoes her ethos.

Qualifications – B.E (Computer Science)

Sancharika Banerjee

Grade 2 Teacher

Ishu Agarwal

Grade 2 Teacher

Seema Pawar

Grade 3 Teacher

Seema is a Grade Teacher, A physics graduate from Mumbai University, She landed up in the travel sector after her graduation and worked for 14 years.

Being inspired by Waldorf education she chose it for her son and also underwent a teachers training course (CSET) conducted at InodaiWaldorf School in Mumbai.

She began her teaching career with Swadhaa in 2015.

Seema loves handwork, crochet and knitting.

Snehal Indulkar

Grade 4 Teacher

Snehal is a grade teacher at Swadhaa. Although she studied Commerce at Pune University, she have always been more inclined towards the Arts. She have been dancing with Shiamak Davar’s dance class for many years. Along with her Bachelors she have also earned a Diploma in Yoga and Ayurveda.

Though she have always been fascinated with Angels and the power of Miracles she believes that it was her child who brought her to Waldorf. Moving forward she is interested in learning more about wet-on-wet painting as a therapy and its application for various diseases.

She loves dance, chalkboard drawings, ayurvedic remedies, farming, painting and spirituality.

Vimeeka Varshinee J.

Grade 5 Teacher

Vimeeka, Swadhaa’s grade teacher grew up in Tamil nadu. She did her bachelor’s in engineering

and had been working in IT for a while. Her search for meaningful education began when her child was an year old, and found waldorf education very inspiring and interesting and started teaching at Swadhaa Waldorf learning centre.

She has participated in the conference on “Anthroposophy as a way of Life and Learning led by Mr.Christof Weichert, former head of the Pedagogic section, Goetheanum." (They attend many such programmes. to rather write she continues to attend many programmes and workshops bot ny national and international mentors to deepen her understanding of Dr Rudolf Steiner’s work in education.

Sumana Sethuraman

Grade 6 Teacher

Sumana is an Engineering Graduate, worked in IT sector for 4 years. Being inclined towards working in Indian Startups for the more challenging roles and learning experience, Sumana took up an Entrepreneurial Studies Course at SP Jain Mumbai and worked in startups for about 6 years.

Sumana decided to be a part of the Swadhaa community during the sabbatical that she took from work, making a personal choice of a career path that is ambitious and not at the cost of her time with her child, and a working environment that involved being around children, contributing to their growth and development.

A little more about her interests and herself just a line

Sumana Sethuraman

Grade 7 and Art and Music Teacher

Specialty Teachers

Indira Kosta

Handwork Teacher

Shilpa Bhide

Marathi and Movement Teacher

Shilpa is a Marathi teacher at school.

She holds a Master’s degree in both Indian Classical Dance (Kathak) and French (Translation majors), her passion for dance, language as well as teaching drew her to Swadhaa, which for her is a holistic teaching and learning space.

With over 15 years of experience in performance, choreography and teaching dance, Shilpa recently turned to freelance translation and subtitling in four languages – French, English, Hindi and Marathi. She set out on her Waldorf journey with an initial Eurhythmy workshop by Ms. Dilnawaz Bana, which inspired her to undertake the 2 week Waldorf Training in Khandala. Working in the capacity of Marathi teacher, she continues to bring more movement and music in Swadhaa.( to also write a line of cultural enrichment co-orinator and how she contributes)

Mrudula Bhale

Marathi Teacher

Rahul Shinde

Marathi and Games Teacher

Devesh Pandey

Games and Movement Teacher

Nisrin Poonawala

Special needs Teacher

Rekha Marne

Handwork Teacher


Nandini Mehetre


Namrata Damame

Admissions and Community Events

Namrata has done her B.E. (Computers) and MBA in Finance, both from Pune University. She has an experience of about 5 years in business analysis and product development in IT sector. Swadhaa was her love at first sight, during her search for more enriching learning environment for her children.

She has a natural ability to seek goodness in everyone. She strongly believes in dignity of work and likes working in collaboration with others. She looks into events management and online media outreach at Swadhaa. Namrata  has attended various kindergarten and grades training on Waldorf education. She aspires to be a Waldorf Teacher.

Sushma Godage


Sushma is a BA in Hindi from Mumbai University. She has done her post-graduation in Library sciences from Pune University. She has a previous experience of working as a commercial staff on Pune airport and administrator with a company in real estate.

She handles accounts and manages library in Swadhaa.

She likes cooking, playing outdoor sports and reading.

Ashwini Mankar

Talent Requisition

Hajarilal Kosta

Procurement, Vendor Management and Supervision