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Six – An Important Year by Astrid Sunt

The human being goes through one of life’s big transformational processes during his seventh year. It is well known that, from a physiological standpoint, it takes seven years to renew all the cells in the body. That means that the sevenyear- old you have in front of you is not the same child from a physical perspective that was carried under his mother’s heart.

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The wonder years – grades one through three

There seems to be a perception amongst mainstream parents that children within the first, second and third grades should be “buckling down and getting to work”, which essentially means loads of worksheets and sitting with pen and paper in hand.

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Unsolicited Evaluation Is the Enemy of Creativity

Non-directive, Non-Judgmental Parenting Predicts Subsequent Creativity in Children Longitudinal research has shown that children raised by parents who are relatively non-directive and non-judgmental exhibit more creativity later on than do those raised by relatively directive, judgmental parents.

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