Swadhaa - A Steiner School

Role of Parents

Parents are an integral part of the process of the education of the child. It is important that parents are aware of and deal with their own apprehensions and do not pass them on to children who are free and happy beings.

Therefore an attitude of constantly re-educating oneself and critically examining one’s own paradigms is essential to broaden and deepen the educational journey with the child.

Consequentially, parents are also an integral part of the learning space that they choose for their child. Thus, at Swadhaa parents’ involvement through times of engaged discussions, meaningful contemplations and sincere questioning is a cornerstone of the role of parents. Their participation in regular workshops, collective deliberations and study meets is very essential.

Parents are also invited to volunteer as a part of the school – be it in the form of holding workshops, helping with fund raising, sharing kitchen responsibilities or building up the library…… each parent contributes  2-3 working days a year in school, helping the school in various areas.

Reading EducatorsRole-of-parents

We encourage parents to have an understanding of and engagement with the works of various alternative thinkers in education to assist in broadening their concept of education. This will help us all be creative producers through a process of examining our own assumptions. The clarity thereby gained will be reflected in our interactions with the children, with each other and will come alive in our classroom spaces.