Swadhaa - A Steiner School

Learning at Swadhaa

The children:

  • Develop competency in “how to learn” rather than “what to learn” and become independent thinking individuals.
  • Become enthusiastic creators rather than instruction takers.
  • Develop an internal motivation to learn, through collaborative learning rather than competitive learning.
  • Become natural problem solvers in a spirit of exploration and joint questioning.
  • Cultivate attributes of approaching every situation with an open and creative mind; as the result of learning is not bound by moulds of “right” and “wrong”.

The Swadhaa learning community

  • Learning-at-SwadhaWorks with conscious reflection on what we teach and why.
  • Places foremost importance on the inner work of the teacher and his path of evolution and refinement as a human-being.
  • The teachers at Swadhaa are a group of committed individuals who are co-explorers with the children.
  • Recognises that parents are an integral part of the process of education of the children. Parents and teachers come together, through various sessions, in an attempt to deepen and broaden our concept of education.
  • Less is more – creating and learning from everything that is available.