Swadhaa - A Steiner School

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If you are someone with a passion for children and redefining the conventions of teaching and learning and if you have a talent/skill that you wish to share with children, we are sure you can create the time and at Swadhaa we will value that time as a precious contribution towards the expansion of our learning environment.

You could be a passionate storyteller, a stand-up comedian, an ardent sportsperson, an avid dancer, a bird watching enthusiast, a creative homemaker, a needle wonder, a poet at heart, a cooking aficionado, a science buff, a naturalist, a hands-on experimenter, a puppeteer, an animation addict, an amateur instrumentalist or vocalist, a ‘wood-pecker’ (carpenter), an administrative wiz, a green goblin (gardener), a cleaning enthusiast……………….. We encourage you to get in touch with us.

You need to be driven to share your passion by reaching out to a child’s heart and inspire love in the child for the process of learning.

You will find an atmosphere open to learning and growing and in the process enjoying and celebrating with all the efforts gravitating towards the commitment of making learning a joyful journey for the learner and the facilitator.

If you wish to commit yourself as a learner-teacher working full time with the children in the spirit of the underlying educational philosophy of the school, you may connect with usat [email protected]