Swadhaa - A Steiner School

Our Beliefs and Experiences

Beliefs-and-experiencesChildren are natural learners – Each child is gifted with an inherent ability to learn. The responsibility of a learning space is to assist this instinctive process, allowing it to become a life-long passion.

Learning takes place through the entire being of the child – a learning process needs to engage the body, mind and soul of the child…..so that she develops clarity of thinking, sensitivity of feeling and strength of will.

Teachers pursue a path of conscious self – development – A child’s future is profoundly influenced by the inmost qualities of people around him reflected in speech, thought and gestures. Hence, a teacher’s effort towards her self-development inspires a strong value system in the child.

An educational approach must stem from a space of responding to what the child needs and not an intellectual plane alone of giving what we think the child should learn.

The most important qualities to be nurtured are sensitivity and co-operation, which leads to living each day with compassion and care.Beliefs-and-experiences-2

The school is not a soft option. At the deepest level it requires the entire community of students and teachers to constantly contemplate conventions and reach new insights to their own selves as people, to the processes of learning and teaching and to being  an inspired and productive part of the society.