Swadhaa - A Steiner School

Making of Swadhaa

Children are the greatest opportunities……

With their free nature and their intensity of existence they call on us to reflect. They turn parents and adults to question…..to see…to seek…..Making-of-Swadha

When life thus expanded on the path of embracing and questioning, an innate question about our paradigms of learning and teaching and our ‘parched’ manner of perceiving life arose.

As we met many others on this path, the mind opened to immense possibilities – the possibilities of perceiving the world, the body, the food and the planets not just in the scientific sense of their composition and physical construct but also as potent forms of energy that influence all around them……. to perceive planets not only with today’s scientific point of view but also to associate them with the inherent character they possess and radiate….not only to look at food in terms of its chemistry and calories but also to perceive its sublime energy effects on the body…..

The need to share this world of possibilities with a larger community of children and adults was the starting impulse for Swadhaa…..

“Punarnavaha Open Learning Space”, which preceded Swadhaa, was founded in the year 2010 as an effort in the direction of harmonious living, open minded parenting, educating and cultural rootedness. It conducted various workshops related to these. It was also a learning space and an alternative to school for children of four to nine years of age. Punarnavaha has now been formed into a charitable trust under which Swadhaa operates.

The thought that “makes” Swadhaa what it is at its core, is that when we learn with deep engagement of the heart and not just the head, it makes the world of knowledge more colourful and enjoyable. The “making” of Swadha is marked with the desire to leave children with possibilities and not conclusions so that at the end of their journey they have a mind that welcomes many more possibilities.

The “making” of Swadhaa has led to a learning community where it is believed that “others” must be cared for, respected and included.

When Swadhaa came across Steiner – we saw a beautiful everyday way to carry forward that which we hold close in ideals and imagination. Therefore Swadhaa donned the mantle of a Steiner school….

In keeping with the need of the hour – Swadhaa strives to be a school that trains children with skills and information and also rears individuals with warm, vast and deep hearts.