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About Rudolf Steiner

RUDOLPH STEINER WAS A GREAT MIND….. He was tremendously talented. In fact, it is very rare to find another mind to compare with Rudolph Steiner. He was so talented in so many directions and dimensions; it looks almost super-human: a great logical thinker, a great philosopher, a great architect, a great educator, and so on and so forth. And whatsoever he touched, he brought very novel ideas to that subject. Wherever he moved his eyes, he created new patterns of thought. He was a great man, a great mind…..”                                      -  Osho

……whoever takes it upon himself to study his (Steiner’s) voluminous works (at least a hundred publications) with an open mind will find himself in the presence of one of the greatest thinkers of all time, whose mastery of modern sciences is as wonderful as is his knowledge of the sciences of antiquity. Steiner is no more a mystic than Albert Einstein; he was first and foremost a scientist, but a scientist who had the daring to penetrate the mysteries of life.”                                   -   Russell W. Davenport in: The Dignity of Man (New York, 1955)

rudolf_steinerDr Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925) was an Austrian Philosopher and thinker, whose life work enlightened areas such as education, art, medicine, architecture and spiritual philosophy.Although Steiner was born in the West, his philosophy is universal. He had the ability to combine modern, scientific thinking with his own inwardly experienced spiritual vision, similar to that of a Rishi.

His biography is filled with inner dynamism and bears testimony to unique creative power. With the greatest intensity he worked in an age of materialism to develop a new worldview. Steiner was also close to the ancient spiritual wisdom of the East. Today we have seen what happens when natural science bypasses the human heart and translates knowledge into technology without grace, beauty or compassion.

We can build a healthy social order only on the basis of insight into the material, soul, and spiritual needs of human beings. Doctors, therapists, farmers, business people, academics, scientists, theologians, pastors, and teachers all approached Rudolf Steiner for ways to bring new life to their endeavors.

Dr. Steiner’s educational philosophy is based on his understanding that a child is a multi–faceted being, with a threefold nature comprising body, soul and spirit. His aim is to make the child healthy, strong and inwardly free through education.Dr. Steiner says, “Receive the child with reverence, nurture it with love and set it forth in freedom”. The first Steiner school was established in Stuttgart in Germany in 1919. Today, Waldorf schools are all over the world.

Biodynamic agriculture began with a course of lectures by Steiner requested by a group of farmers concerned about the destructive trend of “scientific” farming. Steiner’s work with doctors led to a medical movement that includes clinics, hospitals, and various forms of therapeutic work. As an art of movement, Eurythmy, founded by Steiner also serves educational and therapeutic work. There are homes, schools, and village communities for children and adults with special needs

Steiner’s educational ideas earned him deserved renown, and an international reputation among experts that continues today.

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