Swadha - A Steiner School

Grade 2

The main theme for second grade is “one foot still on the rainbow bridge”. The 8 year old child is definitely becoming more grounded, but a part of her, if allowed to develop at her own pace and not rushed by our hectic lives, is still dreamy.

The children make a great leap from first to second grade.  Writing, which was virtually an extension of drawing in Grade One, now stands on its own; numbers, whose qualitative aspect was stressed last year, now are recognized as quantities, extending in space and time.  The world of fairy tales, although not completely absent, now makes way for the lives of the Saints, biographies of men and women with a historical verity and fables.

  • Language Arts: fables from around the world (satisfy children’s deep interest in the animal kingdom), study of the legends of saints (offers them impressions of lofty striving and highlights the noblest human qualities), introduction to reading and grammar.
  • Mathematics: continuing work with the four processes (more complicated operations), column algorithms, and number puzzles, rhythmic counting and accented clapping as a preparation for multiplication tables, exploring number relationships with drawing.
  • Form Drawing: a drawing technique involving freehand drawing of geometric shapes
  • Nature study: poetry, legends, imaginative descriptions of natural processes, earth introduced as a living being – to be able to conceive the world truly in a personal, imaginative and living form.
  • Singing and Recorder
  • Handwork: Knitting and Crocheting
  • Eurythmy: conscious forming of vowels and consonants
  • Second Language
  • Painting and modelling