Swadhaa - A Steiner School


The urge to discover, the ability to work hard, the capacity to question – these are the milestones of a student’s educational journey.

We do not believe in competitive examinations or comparative grading.We believe fear does not form the basis of learning and neither does reward and punishment.

Assessments are seen as inputs to the teachers to know where the learner is, and adapt the teaching accordingly.The teacher is closely in touch with the students and is usually aware of difficulties as and when they arise. The assessments are not in the form of marks and ranks that compare learners with each and other. The teacher writes a detailed report about children at the end of each school year which is a “qualitative” record of the students’ life in school and contains a review of their academic work and comments on their social and emotional life.

In addition, the teachers provide informal feedback to the parents regularly through the year.